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Womens Wellness

My practice offers:  Below the Waist” Feminine Rejuvenation Procedures (AAAASF Certified  Facility), Bio-identical Hormone Optimization & Lab Analysis WITH Comprehensive Wellness Consult~Plan, {Women & Couples  Plans}, Women's Wellness Exams, and a Comprehensive MedSpa, Injectibles & Laser Services (Syneron Candela ® Center of Excellence Award!), Massage & Body Treatments, Wellness products and 'Novelty Nook'.  We currently offer you a "Direct Patient Care" or "Concierge" type Practice Model in an effort to uphold our mission for you AND with you.

Integrating in 2019...Yoga Teaching & Sexuality Coaching!

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Women are more proactive (it's about damn time!), & hungry for a couple of hours to call their own, or better yet, a whole day,  of education and empowerment that’s relatable and attainable. I focus on giving women/couples/groups life-changing tools , encouragement & 'Ah ha! moments' , all wrapped up in an entertaining package (ps, let's have fun while we're at it;).  It is one thing to gain knowledge & experience, but such a greater thing to SHARE it. Let's move from a disease-care system to one of pleasing, preventative-care. Guests will leave feeling empowered to explore their individual edge and remember their event as a turning point in their journey.  Dr. Anne has spoken at MANY venues regarding her expertise and passion and is a Keynote speaker and promoter for the CORE Intima & Feminine Rejuvenation platform of Syneron Candela .  Our Lecture outline, content, facility requirements & compensation fee are discussed individually.

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Preventative Lifestyle Approach Seminar Series

Dr. Anne is the founder and Main Speaker of what we passionately feel is a series of four (4) core lifestyle approach seminars that are based on sustainable choices for  healthy, vibrant living and clinical approaches to aging optimally.  These key concepts are offered in a SERIES of 4 seminars annually, each having her basic foundational info and always "tweaked" or added to each Series/year as we are ALL constantly changing & learning!    

The four (4) core approaches are:

1.) "Truly Understanding, and Maintaining healthy anatomy - with upgrades;-) as indicated"

2.) "Plant-Based Power & Play:  Concepts toward Improved disease-free longevity & a Happier Journey...#Whole Food Plant Base

3. "Hormone restoration and balancing as a key to aging optimally"

4.) "Wholly engaging in the present moment...intimate moments are no exception - STOP missing out on the benefits!"

This is an opportunity for patients, guests & 'friends of the tribe' to get together more low-key, after hours, in an informative, interactive, no-judegement & iintimate setting.  SPECIAL offers these nights$$ .,, AND a peek at our 'Novelty Nook'!


NO CHARGE (we THRIVE on these events!) ... but Dr. Anne does expect a nominal donation from each attendee, of which she 'matches' & we donate to a chosen charity.  A night of sharing AND spreading the love:)